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Aquaculture is a fish farming business that requires a lot of capital, dedication, and caution for the success of the business. The most important part of fish farming or aquaculture is fish feed (special diet), which are foods given to fish to nourish them and maximize their weight. It is essential because these feeds make them grow well and fast for consumption or for sale.

One of the problems faced by fish farmers in Nigeria today is the high cost and rate of fish feed.  Feeds are very expensive and outrageous which is a result of costly ingredients. Basically, the rate at which fish feeds are expensive is alarming which can also be attributed to the high cost of manufacturing. Production of these feeds makes it so, this is one of the major problems fish farmers face on a daily basis.

To produce a very good and weighty fish, you have to feed them well in terms of quantity and quality. ingredients used to produce these feeds such as corn and soybeans are largely sourced from America, Argentina, and the United States. It is estimated that fish feeds make up 50 percent of the total fish farming budget because fish must eat to their full potential. Apparently, the majority of these feed prices get high because most of the feeds are imported to Nigeria, and people tend to purchase them rather than buying the locally made ones.


As a fish farmer either small scale or large scale, to maximize the profit you need to start making your own fish feeds. Floating feed extruders like pellets and granules are easy to make in quantity and quality. All you have to do is get materials and ingredients like cassava flakes, maize flour, groundnut cake, soybeans, blood meals, fish meal, poultry feeds, Vitamin C, salt, and water to make your own feeds.

All these ingredients are to be grounded and produced in different sizes like 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, and so on. By doing so, the feeds will be produced on a large scale and tend to last longer than the purchased ones.

It is also essential for farmers that have fishes ranging from 4kg upward should consider doing this because the fishes are prone to eat more often and also at larger scales. In case you have no time or resources to make feeds yourself, buying them from a reputable farm is paramount.


Indigo Africa produces feeds for all types of fish at affordable prices for smallholder and commercial fish farmers. We also provide guidance and instructions on how to start fish farming and its productions because all our staff is conversant and basically know what nutrients are good for fish to grow.

We help fish farmers produce large and weighty fishes by manufacturing and producing high-quality products with nutrients like Vitamin B12, omega 3, and omega 6 which helps in the growth of a fish. indigoAfrica is also into designing and building machinery for the production of these fish feeds in a neat and friendly environment.

We have expatriates working with Nigerians and have international-local knowledge of the production of these feeds.


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