Indigo Africa Launches a Range of Catfish Feeds at its Recent Catfish Farming Seminar

Product Launch

Indigo Africa hosted a Catfish Farming Seminar in Keffi, Nigeria where it launched its range of catfish feeds. The event drew fish farmers and distributors of feed and fish food, as well as officials from relevant government ministries. The distinguished panel of experts included the following: Willy and Marvelous from Indigo Africa gave insight into […]

Indigo Africa holds its Free 2022 Catfish Farming Seminar on the 9th of April

Catfish Farming Seminar 2022

Book Your Seat There are so many questions surrounding catfish farming in Nigeria, some of which are; Is catfish farming profitable? Is there a market for catfish farming? Do I need a huge sum of money to start catfish farming? Have you also been asking these questions and contemplating if you should dive into catfish […]

Our Chief Impact Officer shares insight on the new Aquaculture and Agroforestry R&D Center developed in Suleja

insight on the new Aquaculture and Agroforestry R&D Center

In the news. Our Chief Impact Officer discusses the impact the Aquaculture and Agroforestry R&D Center would have on the local community and neighboring towns. ‘Bringing about agriculture trade stimulation and socio-economic development through training and empowering women and youth.’ The project aims to help smallholder fish farmers gain access to novel fish production infrastructure, […]