Procuring the Right Catfish Fingerlings in Nigeria

Indigo Fingerlings Abuja

With a thriving domestic market and impressive sales in exportation, catfish is a very popular species in Nigeria, and it accounts for more than 80% of the cultured species in the country. It is also in high demand also in other African countries largely due to its ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures, […]

Setting Up a Catfish Hatchery in Nigeria

A fish hatchery is a secluded place where artificial breeding, egg hatching, and nurturing of fries processes take place. The fish hatchery is an essential area of specialization in fish farming because it provides fingerlings for fish farmers to breed into their desired size majorly for commercial purposes. Fries and Fingerlings are fish fertilized offspring […]

Buy Fish Feed in Nigeria

Indigo Feed Bags

Aquaculture is a fish farming business that requires a lot of capital, dedication, and caution for the success of the business. The most important part of fish farming or aquaculture is fish feed (special diet), which are foods given to fish to nourish them and maximize their weight. It is essential because these feeds make […]

Catfish Feed Formulation

catfish feed formulation in Nigeria

Catfish feed formulation is the process by which fish farmers combine different selected feed ingredients in varying proportions to meet the predetermined nutrient requirements of the catfish. A complete feed should be nutritionally balanced, palatable, water-stable, and digestible for the catfish. Feeds should be formulated to be dry with a final moisture content of about […]

How to Start a Fish Farm in Nigeria

How to start a fish farm in Nigeria

Fish farming is one of the fast-growing and profitable agribusiness sectors trending in Nigeria as of today. Starting up a fish farm is capital intensive and can also generate lots of profits if carried out correctly. Fishes are very sensitive to any changes such that any costly mistake can leave your fishes with degenerated growth […]

How to Start Catfish Farming in Nigeria

How to start a catfish farming business in NIgeria

Aquaculture is one of the aspects of agribusiness in Nigeria, and it is basically about fish farming.  Fish farming is the activity that deals with the rearing of fish in a formulated aquatic enclosure such as ponds and plastic tanks. A fish pond is an enclosure built to retain water for growing fish, it allows […]

Get Fish Feeds in Nigeria

How To Get Fish Feeds in Nigeria

Fish feed is a brown, wheat, or flour-like material made by specialist producers, to feed fish for them to grow and reproduce at due time, they are also high in concentration of nutrients that is essential for fish. These feeds are balanced in the amount of all essential amino acids, minerals, phospholipids, and fatty acids. […]

Catfish Hatcheries Equipment in Nigeria

Catfish Hatcheries Equipment in Nigeria

Catfish Hatchery pieces of equipment are used to carry out fish reproduction and nurturing on a daily basis. These pieces of equipment help in making the activities of catfish hatchery to be easily carried out. Fish hatcheries are advised to get the right pieces of equipment to carry out hatcheries activities so as not to […]

Catfish Farming in Nigeria

Catfish Farming in Nigeria

Catfish farming is the act of rearing one of the various groups of species of fish for commercial purposes in Nigeria. The process of fish farming deals with the building of earthen, concrete, or tarpaulin tents and stocking them with fingerlings or juveniles to nurture them till they grow to meet market size and demands. […]