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Where to Buy Quality Fingerlings in Nigeria

Fingerlings are juvenile fishes that have passed through the egg and larva stage in the hatchery, they are usually bred to be sold in quantity to fish farmers for rearing and production of catfish. Fingerlings should be bred from a good and professional operating hatchery as this will help produce fish with optimal yield.

One of the problems and constraints faced by catfish farmers in Nigeria today is the massive death rate or retarded growth of their catfish because of the unreliable fingerlings produced by incompetent hatcheries. Many unproductive fingerlings are unknowingly bought by fish farmers thereby causing them a great loss in their catfish business due to the poor growth of their catfish.

There has been a huge loophole caused by the scarcity of good and quality fingerlings in Nigeria, which leads to many fish farmers giving up on fish farming due to great losses accrued. Most of these losses are related to their source, leading back to the hatcheries where these fingerlings were produced. 

In order to salvage these losses, fingerlings should be sorted from recognized hatcheries which will ascertain peace of mind. These hatcheries are known to have selected a broodstock with a good pedigree to help form hybrid strains which give a healthy and more profitable fingerling stock.

Fingerlings from these hatcheries are known to have rapid growth and when fed with quality feeds, they reach table size within 3 to 4 months and can also rapidly grow to 2kg within 7 months with proper sorting and care which tend to increase their market value.

With our main objective being to develop solutions for the farming sector, We at Indigo Africa have hatcheries and farms that provide quality fish seeds (fingerlings) and organically grown fish drawn from worldwide expertise and local knowledge from three decades of field experience.


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