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Indigo Africa Launches a Range of Catfish Feeds at its Recent Catfish Farming Seminar

Indigo Africa hosted a Catfish Farming Seminar in Keffi, Nigeria where it launched its range of catfish feeds. The event drew fish farmers and distributors of feed and fish food, as well as officials from relevant government ministries.

The distinguished panel of experts included the following: Willy and Marvelous from Indigo Africa gave insight into the secrets behind successful catfish farming and representatives from relevant government agencies talked about plans and possibilities for aquaculture in Nigeria.

Farmers got enlightened on the importance of giving their Catfish the best functional feeds fresh off the production line, and interested distributors got the opportunity to discuss business opportunities.

Attendees were taken on a tour of Indigo Africa’s hatchery, fish ponds and feed mill factory where they saw the process of feeds being milled and bagged. Participants were able to see first-hand how much work goes into making sure that their products are as high quality as possible.

Indigo Africa is proud that it is able to bring everyone together in this way so that they could share information and build relationships that will benefit everyone involved in aquaculture here in Nigeria.


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